We here at Stella Maris teamed up with Kerry Hayes to create a Domestic Violence Awareness "MyIntent" bracelet. We are donating half of every purchase of the Domestic Violence Awareness "MyIntent" Bracelet ($10 each bracelet) to Health Imperatives located in Massachusetts.  Each bracelet comes with a purple ribbon (representing Domestic Violence Awareness) and and an empowering word or phrase.  


You can choose from the following or have your own empowering word made just for you!


Still, I Rise

I Am Enough






Health Imperatives is a non-profit, community based agency located in southeastern Massachusetts.  They provide services/support to survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence and also work tirelessly to "ensure the safety of all individuals through prevention, education, and training". Their services are open to all individuals regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, race, or language. 


"Health Imperatives is the only provider of critical services for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence in Plymouth County and parts of Norfolk County." They also "operate the only sexual assault counseling center and one of the only domestic violence shelters; as such, our programs fill a void for vital care in the region."

Domestic Violence Awareness MyIntent Bracelet


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